Kito: Gem (Swahili)

Kito is a new type of investment company serving the full spectrum of startup capital and post-investment support to scalable seed- and early-stage companies in Africa. Kito’s investment thesis targets innovative new companies across all verticals and sectors that leverage technology and cutting-edge data strategies to address market inefficiencies, cut high transaction costs, and deliver products and services that can scale regionally. Kito’s seeks outsized market returns precisely because the use of technology and data allows for dramatic valuation increases. Kito also concurrently seeks for its companies to articulate their authentic, positive social impact.


Kito’s primary mission is to drive breakthrough prosperity and entrepreneur-led development by solving for the “Pioneer Gap”, while delivering market-rate or better returns for our investors and measurable social impact.

Kito’s long-term theory of change is to seed 1,000 entrepreneurial ventures by 2025.

Our Approach

Every component of Kito’s business has been built with the needs of seed-stage startups in mind. Kito’s vision is to be the “go to partner” for seed-stage African startups by:

Equalizing capital + know-how.


Kito carefully assesses the needs of each company in its portfolio bringing the right amount of capital and methodical post-investment support. Kito’s holistic approach helps drive companies to achieve milestones and feedback-driven iterative business planning.

Building a Scalable Platform.


Fundamental to the Kito value proposition is its proprietary engagement platform for investees, Kito, and its partners. In building the platform, Kito aims to offer the definitive investment and learning platform capable of advancing startups through seed- and early-stage challenges to profitability, scale, and mainstream investability at Series A.

Delivering a New Investment Model.


Seed-stage startups are systematically underfunded in Africa because traditional investment models find the small ticket size and high transaction costs too difficult and financially unviable. Through its blended finance structure, Kito is able to catalyze a broad range of philanthropic actors to partner in solving the “Pioneer Gap”.